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We all have those days when your favourite mascara and eyelash curler just don't feel like enough When you really need an extra boost to open up your eye area and get those lashes to curl? A lash lift may be perfect for you. What is a lash lift? it is a semi- permanent treatment for your lashes that will leave them perfectly curled for up to 8 weeks long.

A lash lift is ideal for anyone trying to make their routine a bit more low-maintenance (or anyone looking to break up with their curler for a hot minute.) The service from start to finish takes about 45 min depending on the texture of your hair. A lash lift will give you an open eyed look helping you to look a little brighter and put together with no daily effort.

A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes after your treatment, you'll be left with fuller, longer looking lashes that mimic the effect of an eyelash curler and mascara. The semi-permanent process lasts for up to 8 weeks and is a great solution for anyone who has naturally straight lashes and is looking for more shape.

During your appointment you can expect to kick things off with a consultation to go over your lash goals. Once you and your technician are on the same page we will move into the service. Your technician will start by tucking in your lower lashes under a pad then placing a silicone pad on your upper eyelids with a gentle adhesive solution.

Your eyes will be closed for the entirety of this service so be prepared to be laying down and have your eyes closed, bring wireless ear buds to listen to a good audio book or music if you tent to feel anxious. The lash lift will take up to 45 minutes depending on your lashes density and texture.

A lash lift can be a stand alone service or you can combine it with a lash tint as well. A lash tint will give you the look of mascara for colour. A lash tint is a perfect accompaniment for the lash lift. You will have the end result of fuller looking dark lashes that will perfectly accentuate your beautiful eyes!

What is a lash tint? Think of lash tinting as a semi-permanent colour for your lashes, because thats exactly what it is! Tinting won’t add curl, length, or volume to your lashes (you’ll need to try a lash lift or for that), but it will darken and intensify the colour of them. We even have purple if you're feeling fun! The results will last up to 8 weeks depending on your home care routine.

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