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What are nail extensions?

Nail extensions are a length enhancement added to your natural nail. They are typically done in acrylic or gel, both have their place in the nail world. Enhancements can be done in a sculpted form, which uses a paper form placed beneath the free edge of nail. The extension is then built by hand on top of the paper form. Alternatively you can use a tip. The tip is glued to the top of the nail and the extension is built in the acrylic or gel over the tip. We only use sculpted forms at ORB Hair Co. We prefer these for a few reasons. One being they more customizable in terms of shape and dimensions. With the form method we are able to create a more “curled” effect to the nail by pinching the form and nail as it sets. As well as they tend to be more comfortable once the form is taken off and the nails are set. With tips they are a little bit quicker but you are married to the shape of the tip, and they can feel a little cumbersome when trying to find the perfect fit for every individual nail. There can also be some extra glue under the nail. Any of you who have had tips know what I am talking about.

What to choose, gel or acrylic?

Gel nail extensions are lighter and slightly softer than acrylic. Gel nail extensions consist of a molecule called an oligomer that usually comes in a pot and is the consistency of honey. Nail enhancements are created when the hard or semi-hard gel is sculpted, cured, and then shaped to add length and strength to the nail.

There are two basic types: hard gel and soft gel. In short, hard gels are non-porous, making them acetone-resistant. These enhancements have a good fortitude and are able to be worn with a nail extension. Soft gels (like classic gel polish) are porous. That’s why they can be soaked off with acetone and are not a viable product to be used for nail extensions.

Acrylic is a system that combines acrylic powder and a monomer. Traditionally we know the smell of a nail salon by this method of nail enhancement as the monomer has always had a very odorous smell. We use an odour free monomer here at ORB Hair Co. So we can have the strength of an acrylic without the odour. Acrylic is harder than gel, this can make it a better fit for some peoples lifestyles. Acrylic comes in colours as well so if you like a neutral nail you can have the entire thing built out of that and simply put a clear coat of gel polish overtop to seal it.

At the end of the day you will find what works for your nails by trying one and learning from the experience. Come in and have a consultation with our nail technician for more information or if you need some help choosing. We are here to help and are more than happy to do so.


Simply defined, a pedicure is a full treatment for one’s feet and toenails. This service may include a foot spa, massage, and scrub, along with toenail cuticle removal, cutting, shaping, and buffing.

A pedicure service has several benefits, which is why some people make it a part of their regular therapeutic care rather than treating it as a purely cosmetic service. Going for a pedicure regularly will let you enjoy the following:

  • It can serve as supplemental care for people suffering from foot problems such as cracked soles, corns, and calluses
  • It offers stress relief as provided by its soothing and relaxing treatments
  • It keeps your feet healthy as your skin feels softer, and your feet less sore from walking or standing
  • It can help in the early detection of infections caused by bunions or fungal infections
  • Pedicure nail arts can get your toenails looking glamorous for special occasions

A standard pedicure treatment with nail polish will last for 1 - 3 weeks. But that will still depend on what type of pedicure treatment you got and how well you took care of your feet after leaving the salon. Gel pedicures may last between 2 and 4 weeks. You may get another pedicure as soon as the nail polish has chipped or every four to six weeks.

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