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ORB Hair Co. Women’s Haircuts

Styled Haircuts

Our team of trained and experienced hair professionals has been creating beautiful haircuts for years. Our stylists are taught to always listen to the needs of their customers and come up with a style that will work day in and day out.

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ORB Hair Co. Silk Press Hair

Brazilian Hair Straightening

If you are looking to give your natural hair a silky, smooth style without using harsh chemicals, a brazilian hair straightening treatment is just what you need.

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ORB Hair Co. Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Although hair dye can be beautiful, it can also be dangerous to your hair. When it comes to the long-lasting health of your hair, it is important to find a hair colorist that really knows what they’re doing.

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ORB Hair Co. Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Are you looking to add length, volume, or a hint of pizzazz to your hair? Why not try hair extensions? Hair extensions allow you to drastically change the look and style of your hair without using harsh chemicals.

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ORB Hair Co. Hair Relaxing

Hair Relaxing

Are you searching for a semi-permanent way to straighten your hair and rid it of frizz? A hair relaxing treatment might be the solution you need!

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ORB Hair Co. Hair Relaxing

Hair Salon

When it comes to hair salons, few combine the experience, expertise, and customer-oriented approach that ORB Hair Co. boasts.

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ORB Hair Co. Hairstyling


Whether you have a big event to go to or if you are simply looking for a trim and style, the expert hairstylists at ORB Hair Co. have the creativity and expertise needed to give you a style you’ll fall in love with.

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ORB Hair Co. Natural Hair

Natural Hair

ORB Hair Co. is a natural beauty salon that focuses on the promotion of self-acceptance and love. We work closely with our clients to teach them how to care for their hair in a way that assures they always look and feel their best!

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